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The Crazy Joys Of Driving In The Snow

Service is the rent we pay for the privilege of living on this planet.

Luck is what happens when opportunity meets up with being in the right place at the right time.

~The Fortune Cookie Quotes

A guy who had twice the alcohol content in his blood than he should’ve was found riding his lawn mower to get gas for it since the mower was low on fuel.

There was just one problem.

He was riding his lawn mower in the dead of winter in a snow blizzard! You can imagine how bizzare that looked. 🙂

Hello All. Take a look at this video. It shows the humorous and not-so-humorous video quickies (at least to the unwary drivers, that is) of the joys of driving in that wonderful white stuff we call snow:


6 Very Odd Websites — Would You Sign Up???

Here’s a list of 6 just plain weird websites. Althought the extramarital website isn’t weird, per se, what’s weird is that it gets soooo many hits per month. Wow, who knew?




1. a virtual toilet museum
A museum that displays the evolution of toilets and their various designs. The museum is located in Sulabh, New Delhi, India. If you’re so inclined, feel free to browse their virtual museum.

2. provides you with an out of this world abduction service
If you are looking for the kind of experience that will rock your boring life, look no further! Alien Abductions Incorporated will provide you with a personalized, realistic memory of the alien abduction you’ve been waiting for your entire life. Supposedly, their team has highly trained professionals including doctors, hypnotists, and memory implant technicians– all to give you the time of your life.

3. world’s best demotivator
Words of motivation, encouragement, and inspiration– you’ve heard it all before. To bash the motivation industry, here comes Despair, Inc. It claims the motivation industry has been crushing dreams for decades by selling the easy lie of success.  So Despair, Inc. decided to differentiate itself- by crushing dreams with hard truths! Yikes!!!

4. sends your message to the afterlife
For a donation of $5.00 per word ($25 minimum), telegrams can be delivered to people who are already dead. This is done with the help of terminally ill volunteers who memorize the telegrams before passing away, and then deliver the telegrams after they have passed on.

5. dating site for discreet encounters and extramarital affairs
It’s marketed towards those already in a committed relationship. “Life is short, have an affair” is the site’s slogan and its founder is a happily married man. Although the site has drawn heavy criticism, no one can deny that the business venture is a huge success, receiving roughly 1,800,000 visitors per month!

6. (Not mensa): a virtual society of idiots
If there is a society for the highly intellectual, then there is also a society for the stupid—called Not mensa. The founder, John Smythe, got the idea when he was denied membership in a club for intellectuals on the grounds that he was stupid. You can apply for free idiot membership by taking their IQ test.


An AMAZING 3D-Printed Shoe!!!

An actual golden shoe that was printed on a 3D printer. Imagine one day being able to print your own shoes!

It was a huge year for 3-D printing technology, which touched everything from sports to chemistry to firearms. Advances in 3-D fabrication enabled some amazing feats of design and ingenuity this year: on-demand running shoes, labware, even body parts.

As with any groundbreaking technology, controversy arose, whether it was over a 3-D printed key that can crack open handcuffs or a 3-D printed firearm that could give average Joes on-demand access to guns–no five-day waiting period required.

But even the projects that raised ethical questions or exposed our legal framework to gaping gray areas are, in their own ways, technological triumphs–proof of 3-D printing’s vast potential and popular momentum. ~


Mysterious Crooked Forest

Poland's Mysterious Crooked Forest: In a tiny corner of western Poland a forest of about 400 pine trees grow with a 90 degree bend at the base of their trunks – all bent northward. Surrounded by a larger forest of straight-growing pine trees this collection of curved trees, or "Crooked Forest" is a mystery!


Just For Laughs

How about THIS for a little role reversal, eh? *Laugh*


3D Character Crosswalk — Check It Out!

You’ve probably seen lots of street artwork, but most likely you haven’t seen it from this kind of angle. It looks 3D. Pretty cool stuff, eh?

3D CrossWalk

Will You Get THIS For Xmas?


Those of you who have been naughty, naughty this year, THIS is what you’ll be getting! *grin*

Christmas Humor

Those of you who have been naughty, naughty this year, THIS is what you’ll be getting! *grin*


Here, Kitty Kitty

This is probably one VERY contented kitty. Lol.


Longevity & Women — Women Rule!

Case Study: Women most likely to reach 100th birthday.

Women have long been known to live longer than men, but when it comes to hitting the century mark the difference is stark. Of the 53,364 Americans age 100 and older, more than 80 percent are women, according to a US Census Bureau report. You just may be one of them one day. 😀

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