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Appearances Can Be Deceptive – Hunting Tabia3 Book Trailer. New!


The waters looks so beautiful. So calm. So peaceful and tranquil.

Do YOU really know what lies deep beneath the sea?

Wellll….Do you????…

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Brush Strokes of Pleasure – Video Trailer Text

I thought I would share with you not only the video book trailer for the short poetry work Brush Strokes of Self-Pleasure, but the description text as well.  So here it is:



Against the backdrop of woods and forests, streams and sunlight, exists female magic so powerful it transcends distance and space.



The two of them in a world of their own making. Neither has ever physically met the other. Yet they are both helpless to stop the aching need for sexual fulfillment. For self-pleasure.

Imagine their pleasure drenching them.

The soft, silky feel of fingers brush-stroking against sensitized flesh repeatedly, time and time again, day after day, as it takes them both over the top…and then right over the edge.

The delicious sinfulness of rapture in nature…in a public place.

A sexual addiction neither one of them can control. Nor do they want to. Fantasy can be so bad…yet feel sooo darn good.

What are you addicted to???


Victorian Erotic Chronicles: Books 1-3 (Now In PRINT!)

All it takes is once to change your life forever…

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NightFlyer I, Tales Of The Shadow Realm, Book 1

From the upcoming release of NightFlyer I, Tales Of The Shadow Realm, Book 1:

The Planet: New Earth. The Year: 2063.

Fifty years into the future, a new kind of creature will walk among us. And Raven’s life is about to get complicated and very intense…


VANGAAR…A Sci-Fi Seductive Teaser Story

This tantalizing tale is on sale on my website as well as  Soon you will be able to find my work on:, Barnes &, and


On the planet Orin, an imaginary race of beings called the Vangaars exist shrouded in myth and legend. Today the males are all too real—and for them, desperate times call for whatever measures… are necessary.

The Law of Orin: Abducting a Mistress of the Six Waters is punishable by death. But these men, however, cloaked from head-to-toe in xydon white, could care less about “the law–or any other law, for that matter” as they heed only one desperate agenda: Their own.

Wizard’s Prey III

The showdown continues with Daren and Lexus. His powerful maagi against her human spunk. And just who and what is the deuce murderer??? Find out by the end of Wizard’s Prey III.

We hope you enjoyed experiencing their journey.

Wizard’s Prey IV continues this ultra-sensual, tantalizing series onward with Skylar, Magnus-si, and Demetri. The Terbium Fusion Project is about to unfold, and the Darkworlder may never be the same.

Ahhh, the excitement never ends…

~Zey Tavia FictionWorks. com