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Wild Or Wise Quotes Of The Day!


Apparently I eat a lot of fortune cookies.  *laugh* — But today, this fortune had an interesting saying:

No man will work for your interests unless they are his.

~ The Fortune Cookie Quotes

Ukraine’s Amazing & Passionate Dance Duo. Wow!!

~ Thanks Alex D. for telling me about this great video.  🙂

Appearances Can Be Deceptive – Hunting Tabia3 Book Trailer. New!


The waters looks so beautiful. So calm. So peaceful and tranquil.

Do YOU really know what lies deep beneath the sea?

Wellll….Do you????…

Twitter— ZeyTaviaFictionWorks (@ZeyTaviaFiction) March 21, 2013

Brush Strokes of Pleasure – Video Trailer Text

I thought I would share with you not only the video book trailer for the short poetry work Brush Strokes of Self-Pleasure, but the description text as well.  So here it is:



Against the backdrop of woods and forests, streams and sunlight, exists female magic so powerful it transcends distance and space.



The two of them in a world of their own making. Neither has ever physically met the other. Yet they are both helpless to stop the aching need for sexual fulfillment. For self-pleasure.

Imagine their pleasure drenching them.

The soft, silky feel of fingers brush-stroking against sensitized flesh repeatedly, time and time again, day after day, as it takes them both over the top…and then right over the edge.

The delicious sinfulness of rapture in nature…in a public place.

A sexual addiction neither one of them can control. Nor do they want to. Fantasy can be so bad…yet feel sooo darn good.

What are you addicted to???


I Am Erotica…




A passionate poem by Zey Tavia.  Look for it soon.

Lightning Strikes — Oh my!



Ok. Does lightning strike men or women more often?

Answer: Men. A whopping 82% of all lightning strikes are done to men. Mainly because they won’t seek safety from inclement weather, choosing instead, to continue fishing, jogging, golfing, or whatever other outdoor activity they started before the storm hit. But little did they know…..


A few wise words from the late Wilko Johnson:

“I’m a feather for each wind that blows and the wind’s blowing me this way now. The things that used to bring me down, or worry me, or annoy me, they don’t matter anymore – and that’s when you sit thinking, ‘Wow, why didn’t I work this out before? Worrying about the future or regretting the past is just a foolish waste of time.” ~The late Wilko Johnson


I LOVE my Blog. I get to say whatever I want, whenever I want to. I can even write naughty, sinful, racy stuff if I want to…anytime I wanna. Yes. I love my Blog!!! *Grin*

I think I should write something naughty in the next section. What do you think???



What’s your flavor of the month? As for me–I’ll take all 3 wrapped up in plush, black velvet. Thank you very much. *playful grin*

Sex Dolls & Awesome Poetry

If you were wondering what the top 10 websites where folks spend the most time, according to a new survey, here they are:

10. ESPN
9. Craiglist
8. Tumblr
7. eBay
6. Amazon
5. AOL
4. Microsoft
3. Yahoo
2. Google
1. Facebook — People on the internet spend more time on Facebook than any other site. Interesting. Who knew?!?!!


And other news this week that caught my eye was the 1st generation life-like sex doll. I must confess I was impressed. This industry is in its infancy, so I can only imagine what product it will be rolling out in the next decade. I was astonished, though, to learn that men were in a bidding war over this doll– and the current price tag for this fake piece of flesh, named Leilao? $105,000 and counting. They’re probably a bunch of old rich coots that have nothing better to do with their money. *snicker*

But what I wanna know is WHERE ARE THE AFFORDABLE MEN SEX DOLLS FOR US LADIES????!!!??? The population is 50% female; we demand our rights! Hehe.





This hotel located in Dubai (JW Marriott Marquis) now holds the Guinness Book of World Records for tallest hotel in the world. It’s almost as tall as Empire State Building in New York City! Wow.

It comes with nine restaurants, four cozy bars, and a large Turkish bath. But unless you’re well-heeled in the wallet, the nightly rate may give you sticker shock. Rates start at $652 per night, and go up from there.

JW Marriot, Marquis, Dubai, Worlds' Tallest Bldg 2013, 1 of 9 restaurants

JW Marriot, Marquis, Dubai, Worlds' Tallest Bldg 2013, Room, $300-nite PER person

JW Marriot, Marquis, Dubai, World's tallest building 2013 - Exterior

JWMarriot Marquis, Dubai -- World's tallest building - Spa


The horror film Playback (starring Christian Slater) gathered an astonishing low of $264.00 at the box office!  This gives Playback the honor as 2012’s lowest grossing film of the year (I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the lowest grossing movie of all time). It earned $252.00 opening night and just $12 the following week, after which it was quickly pulled.
Readers, if you know of a lower grossing movie than this, let me know and I’ll post it on my blog.
Playback-Christian Slater
I wonder if this poorly scripted, unpopular movie has made a few more measly dollars after all the publicity it received.  Hmmm.
But on a more positive note, I can’t wait til Star Trek II comes out. I bet it’s going to be amazing!

On the lighter side:

The trouble with having an open mind, of course, is that people will insist on coming along and trying to put things in it.

Ever heard that saying: A word to the wise?  Well, a word to the wise really isn’t necessary, it is? It’s the foolish ones that need the advice. Maybe it would be more appropriate to say “A word to the dumb”.  🙂


Here’s to good wine and romance:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


I’d like to wrap up today’s blog post with 2 poems from Roger Hall while he was serving in the military. If any of you have poems you’ve written that you feel are good enough to post, I’d love to post them!…

Death Be Proud

Death Be Proud Part II

Death Be Proud, Part 3


California Sunshine Poem

Excerpt – Wizard’s Prey III: Dare To…

Wizard's Prey III - Zey Tavia

A horn blared suddenly, causing Lexus to jerk once more.
An uneasy, tension-filled pause elapsed, and disgruntled, Lexus stepped toward the bathroom, her stride lofty. “I’ll be in the bathroom taking a nice, warm bath. Alone.”
Daren let her pass. As she went by, her clothing brushed his sleeve and his dick instantly strained against his trousers.
His voice hardened into ice when he finally spoke. And I’ll be waiting for you when you get back…”

Nap Time!

I’m not saying who, but “somebody’s” taking a much-needed nap! LOL.