Random Acts Of Kindness


Today it’s pretty chilly outdoors. Yet I can hear someone nearby using a snowblower to clear their driveway of snow. Nosey as heck, I finally peeked out my window to see if it was my neighbor’s son dutifully fulfilling his chores of keeping the family driveway free of snow and ice.

Much to my surprise my own driveway was clear! I glanced at the man whose slow gait reminded me of golden-agers who once had spry steps but now walked to the slow beat of their own well-used drums. Two doors down, the man was slowly and methodically clearing his own driveway. What a prime example of a random act of kindness. My retired neighbor two houses away had not only, cleared my driveway, but the neighbor’s right next to him as well. How thoughtful!

It reminded me of a story where a gentleman stood on the corner of a busy intersection on his birthday and proceeded to hand out $5 bills to every person who walked passed him. He stated that his birthday is a blessing and it gave him pleasure to do this on his special day.

Although yesterday was my birthday, and thus it has come and gone along with fond memories of me blowing out my birthday candles, perhaps next year I will do a random act of kindness too!




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