An AMAZING 3D-Printed Shoe!!!

An actual golden shoe that was printed on a 3D printer. Imagine one day being able to print your own shoes!

It was a huge year for 3-D printing technology, which touched everything from sports to chemistry to firearms. Advances in 3-D fabrication enabled some amazing feats of design and ingenuity this year: on-demand running shoes, labware, even body parts.

As with any groundbreaking technology, controversy arose, whether it was over a 3-D printed key that can crack open handcuffs or a 3-D printed firearm that could give average Joes on-demand access to guns–no five-day waiting period required.

But even the projects that raised ethical questions or exposed our legal framework to gaping gray areas are, in their own ways, technological triumphs–proof of 3-D printing’s vast potential and popular momentum. ~



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