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Donuts, Donuts!!

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to eat MORE sweets, not less!



EXCERPT – Body Electronic: Altered States


“Come closer,” Sheena whispered seductively to the unknown female standing silently over her bed. “You know you want to.”

“Touch it…”

Merry New Year To Us All

The New Tide In Futuristic & Supernatural “Romantic” Erotica Is Here…

New year 2013

Happy 2013!

Happy New Year 2013_curl

3D Character Crosswalk — Check It Out!

You’ve probably seen lots of street artwork, but most likely you haven’t seen it from this kind of angle. It looks 3D. Pretty cool stuff, eh?

3D CrossWalk

Will You Get THIS For Xmas?


Those of you who have been naughty, naughty this year, THIS is what you’ll be getting! *grin*

Averon – Warrior Princess


She was dressed all in red, from her reddish colored hair to the blood-red ruby studs she wore in her ears, to the tight red blouse that hugged her slender body like a glove, all the way down to those sexy 4-inch spiked red heels that clicked against the hard wooden floor.

Ahhh, but she was breath-taking. Every time she moved, her body flowed like living silk, captivating and seducing any within her presence. Dangerous and deadly to any man who crossed her –they didn’t call her ‘Kendara, The Red Widow’ for nothing.

And by the time her victims saw her darling red pet, it was too late. Much too late.

Christmas Humor

Those of you who have been naughty, naughty this year, THIS is what you’ll be getting! *grin*


EXCERPT – Sensuous Poetry After Hours

“How dare you come to this bar—my place— after the things you’ve said,
The way you bandy my name about and have other men in your bed.”

Her sad, hungry eyes flickered over his jean-clad body,
like he was some before-bed, drinkable hot toddy…


New Years Resolutions – 2013

The ULTIMATE New Years Resolution 4-Pack contains “More” of everything, not “Less”!!!

1. Get more sleep.
2. Eat more sweets.
3. Drink more water.
4. Get more of whatever I can!!! Laugh